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Bag of Sh*t All-Corn Diet Prank Package

Bag of Sh*t All-Corn Diet Prank Package

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Want Signature Required On Delivery?

What's Inside? Inside the prank package is a letter addressed to your target, tissue paper to give the package some more volume, and if you want a free optional personalized note!

Want Us to Send a Friend a Prank Package 100% Anonymously? If you select either Signature Not Required On Delivery or Signature Required On Delivery +$4 we will send a sealed prank package with a letter, tissue paper and a free optional personalized note, 100% anonymously. (Make sure to put your intended victim's address, or you'll prank yourself) and we will never tell anyone that it was you! 🤐

Want Us to Discreetly Send You a DIY Prank Package? If you select Prank A Friend Yourself we will just send you an empty mailer, a letter (the name will be blank so you can use a pen and write in your target's name), and a 25% discount code just for you, without the tissue paper. This is the option to choose if you want to put your own contents inside of the mailer and send it yourself!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be used all in good fun, this is not for the purposes of bullying or harassment.

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